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Lconnect by Lufthansa Technik

Your world of connectivity

Integrated concept

Our mission: connecting your aircraft

The world of aviation is facing a major evolutionary step: On-board connectivity provides opportunities that reach far beyond seamless online access in the air and mere passenger entertainment. Lufthansa Technik regards a connected fleet as an integrated concept that embeds broadband capabilities into every aspect of operation – from passengers to cabin crew, from cockpit and flight operations to maintenance.

With Lconnect, we offer a broad range of innovative products and services that cover every aspect of connected aviation. We are the perfect partner when it comes to upgrading your commercial or private fleet, since we are able to provide a tailored solution for every customer and partner, including all steps required prior, during and after an installation. With Lconnect, our passion and experience are at your service.

IFE and connectivity

Why Lconnect?

Lconnect makes in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) available to all passengers on all aircraft in the shortest possible time.

Lconnect …

  • boosts passenger satisfaction,
  • emphasizes airline differentiation,
  • accelerates the time to market,
  • gives airlines more value for their investment and
  • enables airlines to profit from the on-board connectivity service market.
State-of-the-art solution

Benefits of Lconnect


  • 15 years of experience in connectivity
  • Advice on which connectivity system to select



  • Turnkey installation campaign
  • Minimized costs at lease return



  • Minimal impact on A/C structure and systems
  • Flexible layover planning


Social networking

  • Sharing know-how with partners and customers
  • Keep in touch with your social network and family throughout the flight



  • FAA- and EASA-approved design
  • Meets  all safety regulations



  • State-of-the-art connectivity for airlines and passengers
  • Airlines profit from growing connectivity market


Efficient equipment

  • Only three days per single-aisle layover
  • On-site team or mobile team support



  • Standing out from competition
  • Suitable for commercial airlines and VIP operators

Your partner for connected aviation

Lufthansa Technik provides its products and services to any airline or business in the form of a solution that is tailored specifically to the customer's needs. Getting an aircraft connected is a multi-party process. In order to find the most suitable option, we are happy to cooperate with a wide range of satellite providers, antenna manufacturers and software suppliers. We look forward to meeting you!


Download our Product Sheet for a quick overview on LConnect.

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Stefan Steinberg

Sales Manager Connectivity

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany