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Connectivity has become a buzzword in the aviation business. Among other convincing reasons, this is due to passengers' current wish to stay "connected" and online all the time. Most prefer an airline that offers in-flight internet access over one that does not. In-flight Wi-Fi availability is clearly more important than mere in-flight entertainment. But service differentiation is just the beginning. It's a fact that airlines need to align their business models to avoid falling behind.

Our consulting experts analyze the essence of your business and match it with the appropriate business model. Our vast overview of the industry and in-depth knowledge of different aircraft types and modification programs enable us to provide you with the optimal solution in terms of financing, planning and implementation.

Consulting Services

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At Lufthansa Technik, you will find your perfect connectivity solution and also receive professional guidance throughout the whole integration process - from selecting the appropriate hardware and dealing with certification issues right through to the design process and optimizing the installation schedule to fit your flight operation, to mention just a few factors. When it comes to design and a secured and performant connectivity service, you can rely on our expertise. We will support you in getting the best trade-off between the following aspects:

  • Coverage, speed and reliability of the service
  • Size, weight and purchasing and maintenance costs of airborne equipment
  • Availability of equipment and installation time
  • Cost of services depending on the connectivity technology and the satellite provider


Transmitting on every frequency

We are the pioneer in bringing connectivity skyward. Our expertise traces back to 2003, as the first supplier of intercontinental connectivity solutions on-board aircraft. Whether it is a satellite-based solution via Ka- and Ku-band or a European air-to-ground-antenna operating via LTE/EAN, you choose the technology. We perform the entire design and certification process, and of course the installation as well, on your behalf.

Coverage of frequency bands

Explore some examples of the global and regional coverage of Ka- and Ku-band:

Ku-band HTS (High-throughput satellite) | Regional coverage

Ku-band HTS (High-throughput satellite) | Regional coverage

Ku-band | Global coverage

Ku-band | Global coverage

Ka-band | Regional coverage

Ka-band | Regional coverage

Ka-band | Global coverage

Ka-band | Global coverage

Antenna Solutions

Connectivity in all its shapes

You can choose from three different antenna models to get your aircraft connected, depending on the geographic area in which your aircraft or fleet is operating. We look forward to finding the best solution for you.


Our smart design solutions for broadband antennas mounted underneath a radome allow simple and flexible integration. They are satellite-based and work with Ka- or Ku-band. Integration involves minimal interference with the aircraft structure (ARINC 791). In case of a lease return they can easily be de-installed.


High-speed and low cost: air-to-ground LTE-antennas mounted on the lower fuselage offer cost-efficient broadband connectivity. Installation is fast and feasible without major structural impact.


Specifically developed for the Boeing Business Jet and in operation around the globe, we offer a second generation of our tail-mounted "Two-In-One-Solution" (TIOS) for Ka-band and Ku-band satellite communications.

Antenna solutions at a glance

Fuselage-mounted antenna
Frequency band Ka / Ku-band
Availability Global
Installation time 4 days
Aircraft platforms all
Weight 120.7 kg (kit)
37.7 kg (antenna)
Tail-mounted antenna
Frequency band Ka / Ku-band
Availability Global
Installation time 3 - 4 days
Aircraft platforms B737-700 / -800
(BBJ incl.)
Weight 33.0 kg
(empty weight incl. equipment rack)
Belly-mounted antenna (air-to-ground)
Frequency band LTE
Availability Europe
Installation time 2 - 3 days
Aircraft platforms all
Weight 5.2 kg (kit)
0.7 kg (antenna)
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