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Your perfect connectivity solution

At Lufthansa Technik, you will find your perfect connectivity solution and receive professional guidance during the entire integration process – from selecting the appropriate hardware and dealing with certification issues to the development process and synchronizing the installation schedule with your flight operations. When it comes to connectivity services, you can rely on our expertise. We will help you get the best trade-off between the following aspects:

  • Coverage, speed and reliability of service
  • Size, weight, acquisition and maintenance costs of aircraft equipment
  • Cost of service depending on connectivity technology and satellite provider

Your advantages

  • Vast supplier network for best prices, delivery and availability
  • Various material conditions to suit your requirements
  • Meets FAA, EASA, CAAC, TCCA and JCAB certification requirements
  • Strategic cooperation and capabilities with partners
  • Lower purchasing costs and administrative effort
  • No long-term contractual obligation
Consulting at Lufthansa Technik
Consulting and business model solutions

The know-how tank

In a highly dynamic market, connecting your fleet requires both technical know-how and dedicated business model solutions. Lufthansa Technik can advise customers from the very outset of their planning process. And we know how future technological advances or changes in customer requirements can affect retrofits or conversions.

Connectivity has become a buzzword in the aviation business. Passengers prefer an airline that offers in-flight Internet access, wishing to remain online during the entire flight. On-board Wi-Fi is therefore more important than mere in-flight entertainment. But service differentiation is just the beginning – airlines must continuously align their business model to avoid falling behind.

Project and fleet layover management

Ensuring a smooth upgrade

Lufthansa Technik has experience in coordinating and performing extensive modification programs. We are therefore capable of equipping fleets of any size with the newest technologies in the shortest possible time. Our agile fleet layover management adapts to our customers' operational needs.


Apart from our extensive expertise and wide range of business relationships, these are the key benefits you gain in terms of project and fleet layover management with Lufthansa Technik as your partner:

  • Planning reliability
  • Operational stability
  • In-service support of your connected fleet 
  • Worldwide support backed by a global logistics network

“Lufthansa Technik's Supplemental Type Certificates for connectivity solutions cover more than 70% of all commercial aircraft.”

Lukas Bucher, Head of Connectivity Modifications

Engineering and certification

Authority approval included

Offering worldwide one-stop shop integration, Lufthansa Technik is the best partner for engineering and certification (EASA 21J) issues of any kind. The integrated design solutions ensure upgradeability and maintainability. Our supplementary type certificates (STCs) cover more than 70 percent of all available commercial aircraft.

With our triple competence as a maintenance, design and production organization, we offer you a unique advantage as your partner for engineering and certification.

We anticipate the future and therefore create smart design solutions. An example is the integration of broadband antennas for which we designed an optimized ARINC 791 baseplate. And this is just one of our many easily upgradeable and maintainable solutions.

Triple competence
Aircraft type
  • A320
  • A320neo
  • A330
  • A340
  • A380
  • 737
  • 747
  • E190/195
  • CS100
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Mounted antenna
Software and hardware

Single-source integrator

As a production organization (EASA Part 21G) and part of a sophisticated partner network of original equipment manufacturers, Lufthansa Technik has the optimized sourcing strategy you expect from the leading integrator of connectivity solutions. Customers benefit from our unique, competitive package of software and hardware.

Material kitting and logistics

Your demand in stock

Whenever you decide to upgrade your fleet with connectivity technology – we are prepared. Our material kitting and supply chain is perfectly structured to support worldwide modification programs. Furthermore, our smart kitting solutions offer optimized pre-assembled and ready- to-use kits.

We coordinate all the supplier deliveries required for a connectivity upgrade so that you can focus on your daily business. We make sure that your material kit is ready when and where you need it. For the connectivity installations of the Lufthansa Group program, for example, we coordinated eight suppliers from five different countries. Our in-house logistics team at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services meticulously handles the supply process. You benefit from our extensive network: Everything is prepared to ensure the minimum possible turnaround time of four days.

Fitting your operational needs

Fitting your operational needs

Lufthansa Technik's global production network offers modifications with an industry-leading turnaround time for everything from single aircraft to large fleets. Whether you are planning a special modification layover or want to take advantage of a heavy maintenance check – Lufthansa Technik solutions fit every customer's operational needs.

In-service support and material pooling

Connectivity in operation

Once a customer fleet is connected, Lufthansa Technik continues to offer its services as the preferred partner for troubleshooting and customer support. Our worldwide logistics network ensures that connected fleets stay that way.

Our logistics specialists are at your service in 21 countries and take care of everything from ordering and storing spare parts to handling all customs formalities and transporting high-value shipments. Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services is one of the few companies certified to EN 9120 (Aerospace series, Quality Management Systems, Requirements for Stockist Distributors) as a single company for all its European sites. This means that all sites adhere to the applicable quality standards.

Profit from our large component pool: We own, maintain and manage local stocks at airports all over the world, enabling us to provide components quickly and easily. Participating in a pool means sharing an inventory of spare parts with other operators – a highly cost-efficient system that provides an excellent level of component availability.

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Lufthansa Technik AG

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