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Operating at high speed

Project and fleet layover management

Solutions that suit your objectives

We adapt completely to your requirements and make sure our solutions perfectly fit your aircraft. We take care of everything from air-to-ground solutions and satellites to Ka-band or Ku-band right through to the interaction between different systems. Always striving for minimal intervention in the aircraft structure, our engineers have designed an even better solution than ARINC 791. It is weight-optimized, designed for simple maintenance and allows for subsequent modifications. In the case of lease returns, de-installation can be completed easily without the need for re-skinning or structural work.

Furthermore, you can rely on our experience with large-scale modification programs. We can modify fleets of any size – and advise you all the way from planning through to the final handover. Furthermore, we can perform the installation as part of a regular check or as a special layover – in either case with minimum downtime. If you wish, we can even complete the layover directly at your site with our FlexMOD mobile team solution.

Aircraft Modification by mechanic
Aircraft modification

More than connectivity

With our Aircraft Modification business unit, you have the perfect partner at your side: We share our expertise and provide one-stop support for the entire modification program process, covering areas such as cabin and structures, cockpit modification and in-flight communication and entertainment. Our aircraft modification specialists help you find the most suitable options – whether this means simply adjusting the seat pitch, making a major change to the cabin layout or improving your passengers' in-flight experience by offering the latest connectivity solutions.


Your choice of technology

We are pioneers in connectivity. Our expertise traces back to 2003 as the first supplier of intercontinental connectivity solutions onboard aircraft. You choose the technology: a satellite-based solution via Ka-band and Ku-band or a European air-to-ground-antenna operating via LTE/EAN. We take care of the design and certification process and naturally carry out the installation on your behalf.

Coverage of frequency bands

Examples of the global and regional coverage of Ka- and Ku-band:

Antenna solutions

Connectivity in all its shapes

You can choose from three different antenna models to get your aircraft connected, depending on the geographic area in which your aircraft or fleet operate.


Broadband antennas mounted underneath a radome allow for simple and flexible integration. They are satellite-based and operate in the Ka-band or Ku-band range. Their integration requires minimal interference with the aircraft structure (ARINC 791). In the case of a lease return, they can be easily de-installed.


High speed and low cost: Air-to-ground LTE antennas mounted on the lower fuselage offer cost-efficient broadband connectivity. Installation is fast and feasible without major structural work.


Lufthansa Technik's Two-In-One-Solution (TIOS) and Three-In-One-Solution (TIOS+) are tail- mounted solutions for BBJ 1 and BBJ 2 aircraft, with BBJ 3 to be added soon and BBJ MAX at a later time. TIOS+ can now also accommodate Ka-band frequency antennas.

Antenna solutions at a glance

Frequency band
Installation time
Aircraft platforms
Fuselage-mounted antenna
  • Ka / Ku-band
  • Global
  • 4 days
  • all
  • 120.7 kg (kit)
    37.7 kg (antenna)
Tail-mounted antenna
  • Ka / Ku-band
  • Global
  • 3 - 4 days
  • B737-700 / -800
    (BBJ incl.)
  • 33.0 kg
    (empty weight incl. equipment rack)
Belly-mounted antenna (air-to-ground)
  • LTE
  • Europe
  • 2 - 3 days
  • all
  • 5.2 kg (kit)
    0.7 kg (antenna)

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Sales Manager Connectivity

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany