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In business and commercial aviation, connectivity raises untapped potential and opens up new opportunities: optimizing airline operation, reducing costs and boosting ancillary revenues. By 2020, most aircraft will be upgraded to the newest connectivity technology, thus adding value to airline business.

As the world's leading MRO provider, we constantly strengthen operators by modernizing and upgrading their aircraft – from small business jets to entire fleets – so as to make them competitive and increase the lifespan of their fleet. Our innovative drive has proven to push the boundaries of future possibilities, paving the road for predictive maintenance and smooth flight operations.

Mechanics below wings
Connected aircraft and systems

Giving wings to your data

Trouble-free operations and efficient maintenance are every operator's daily business. Instantaneous access to component failure indicators and information, live troubleshooting and immediate mitigating action are the prerequisites for real predictive maintenance. ACARS data transmission does not meet these requirements.

Although eTechlog solutions have been available for many years, they have failed to penetrate the airline industry, mainly due to a lack of reliable and affordable connectivity. Providing mobile mechanics with appropriate accessible aircraft data will give airlines cutting-edge advantages by reducing repair times and material consumption. Imagine the boundless potential that lies in getting one step ahead of flight delays, spare parts purchasing costs and many more causes of expense! We at Lufthansa Technik, together with our partners, are at the forefront of developing guidelines and standards that will ensure a secure broadband connection to enable value-adding connected aircraft strategies.

Electronic Flight Bag
Connected cockpit and cabin crew

Solutions that count

Digital communication and connected on-board hardware significantly improve flight safety, revenue and workflows. Enhancing the flight crew's and pilots' awareness of unpredictable events, such as bad weather conditions, and thus enabling to react to these events more quickly can be crucial. By receiving the latest reports and radar data, pilots and crew are able to make strategic decisions and choose the safest possible route. Furthermore, the crew can report any trouble with in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems (IFEC) during the flight in real time, avoiding repair delays and enabling maintenance crews to better prepare in advance.

Apart from the additional revenue potential, real-time electronic flight bags improve communications between ground and cockpit crew. With the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), we have already integrated commercial, off-the-shelf computing technology into the cockpit. When connected and online, the EFB enables the flight crew to optimize operation and reduce fuel consumption by up to two percent. This online capability and in-flight crew reporting enhance communications between cockpit, cabin and ground crews, reduce repair delays and provide engineers with detailed information on tools and spare parts.

passenger using iPad
Connected passengers

Make your visions fly

More than eighty percent of all passengers prefer an airline that offers Wi-Fi on board over one that does not - thus nearly all passengers want to connect their devices wirelessly to the internet. Furthermore, they expect seatback-mounted in-flight entertainment systems on long-haul flights that provide the performance, features and content they are used to on the ground.

In-flight services have the ability to not only reduce costs and boost productivity, but also to generate ancillary revenue in terms of unexploited cabin retail sales opportunities driven by the trend toward cashless cabins and online duty-free shops. Passengers' in-flight experience is not only influenced by entertainment. What about pre-empting a passenger's needs? Potential ahead-of-time sales cover a series of basic but time-saving applications such as pre-ordering a taxi, booking accommodations, reserving a dinner table at a restaurant, or even arranging some groceries and stocking your fridge while returning from a long trip.

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